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#011 – Where to Look for Mentors in Medicine

So you signed up for this newsletter, but the idea of “work-life balance” as seen in society today isn’t resonating with you…

There is balance in medicine, but the good examples are few and far between.


Find Balance in Independent Practice

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Start HERE: How to Start a Locum Career

“How do I start locum tenens?” What follows is the step-by-step approach I took to go from no knowledge to entertaining my first locum opportunity. These are basic steps. This

A Locum Manifesto

Are you Locum Curious? Just a short time ago I was sitting in your seat, but from an academic hospital job making the leap seems impossible: How does it work?

The Unwritten Rules of Locum Tenens

Whether you know it or not there are rules to every game. Locum tenens is no different. The difference between winners and losers always comes down to those who leverage

Who is this?

About Me

I used to complain about another decade of toiling for the Big Medicine Machine. I was envious of others who could break the shackles of employment and make each day their own. 

Freelancer, entreprenuer, solopreneur – there’s no way a clinician can recapture their life in the same way.


Let me show you how I did just that.

I successfully completed one residency and two fellowships, all at top flight quaternary care centers. I gained board certification in all three domains, paid back my loans, and started my career.

Then, in 2022, I realized I was burnt out.

So, I decided to walk away from my prestigious, full-time ‘big’ hospital job.

I believed that I could find a better balance between work and life.

With the blessing of my wife, I had confidence in my abilities and put myself out there. I found the answer in self-employment as a contract physician.

My mission is to be the “Lifestyle Locum Doctor.”

My first goal is to help 100 clinicians – doctors, nurses, physician assistants, etc. – find true satisfaction from working independently and coach them through the process.


Whenever you’re ready, here are 2 ways I can help:

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